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Reopened June 2023: The Breed Maker's Guild was a Petz selective breeding registration society that was active from 1998-2002. This has been uploaded as an archive for the Petz community.

Registered Breeds

There are 92 breeds available for download.

Follow the links below to get to the breed you would like to view. You can view the standard, see a picture of the breed and download the Original 8 of that breed. To conserve space, the breeds are made available in one file which contains all original 8. The name of the breeding pairs are also listed on the information page.

Registered Catz Breeds Registered Dogz Breeds
Longhairs (10)
Azura Namir
Bronze Coon
Carisma Coon
Curly Cream
Dawn Devon
Dirty Chinchilla
Fire Bluez
Rustic Persian
White Turkish Angora

Shorthairs (21)
Apricot Jitters
Arabian Trinket
Barn Cat
Blue Point Siamese
Champagne Mink
Coco Calico
Desert Tiger
Ecliptic Tabby
Flame Point Siamese
Flaming Mini Meezerz
Golden Oriental Shorthair
Grey and White Shorthair
Grecian Nyx
Havana Black
Iberian Agoutis
Oriental Calico
Rich Ruby Oriental
Ruby Abyssinian
Russian Orange
Sunrise Siamese
Longhair (Large) (13)
Alaskan Husky
Barnett Sheepdog
Buchanan Sheepie
Chocolate-Dipped Sheepdog
French Terrier
Kanadische Kettenhund
Non-tailed Irish Sheepdog
Peanut Butter Pup
Royal Bull Hound
Sandy Beach Spaniel
Slush Puppy [Non-tailed]
Slush Puppy [Tailed]

Shorthair (Large) (17)
Barnett Retriever
Black Magic Dane
Doberman Pinscher
Harliquin Great Dane
Manchado Perrito
Muddy Water Dane
Royal Blue
Sandy Beach Retriever
Sirius Light
Snow Danes
Starbucks Dane
Victory Grand

Longhair (Small) (9)
Appalachian Shepherd
Arctic Ice Terrier
Boules des Cheveux
Carnelian Scottie
Safari Cookies
Springtime Terrier
Toy Chailian Terrier
Toy Woodland Spitz
Woodland Park Terrier

Shorthair (Small) (22)
American Retriever
Barnett Mutt
Carlin Terrier
Chocolate Chip Dachshund
Danish Mutt
Devil Dali
Foxy Dachies
Giant Dachies [Lab Eared]
Giant Dachies [Mutt Eared]
Glory Mountain Shepherd
Harley Hound
Italian Greyhound
Mudd Puppy
New Chapel Hound
Nightlife Bulldog
Nikki Brown
Tibetan Snow Dog
Toy Fire Dane

©1998-2002. The BMG. It was a great three and a half years!