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Creator: LeAnn
Group: Dog, Longhair (Large)

Breed Standard & Scoring:

  • Coat: Labradoodles must all be black with 4 grey feet. Both ears must be black. 3 points awarded for correct coloring. Any color added or missing earns a 0.
  • Eyes: Eyes must be light grey/lavender. Any other color earn a 0, except for light blue, which earns a 1.
  • Paw/Eyelid Color: Eylids should be brown. Paw pads should be black. Both earns a 3. Only one earns a 1.
  • Height: Dogs must be between 3.5 and 4.5 points, between 3.8, and 4.2 equals 3 points, 3.5-3.7 earns two. Anything above 4.2 or below 3.5 earns 0.
  • Ear Type: Must have a Poodle ear. Earns 3. Any other ear type earns 0.
  • Muzzle Type: Must have a thick, labrador muzzel. Earns 3. Any other earns 0.
  • Body Type: Must have a Poodle's body. Must have a semi short tail, medium thickness. Earns 3. Any body type not Poodle earns 0. Any tail differences earn a 1.
  • Leg Type: Poodle feet and legs. Earns 3. Any other type earns 0.
  • Body Build: Lean body build. The top half of dogz entered in show that are leanest all earn a 3. Bottom half earn 2. Any extremly over weight pet earn 1.
  • Head Build: Labrador head. Same judging as body.
  • Purebred: Trace back to Cedric
  • Disqualifications: Any dog without grey feet and a short tail. All dogz must be related to Cedric.

Breeding Pairs:

  • None indicated

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Active from 1998-2002. Archive reopened June 2023