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Bronze Coon

Creator: Ami
Group: Cat, Longhair

Breed Standard & Scoring:

  • Coat Colour: Dark Reddish Brown Body; Light Brown Legs; White Chest, Muzzle, and Forehead Marking
  • Eye Colour: Light Blue
  • Eyelid Colour: Dark Brown
  • Pad Colour: Orange-Brown
  • Head Type: Maine Coon
  • Ear Type: Maine Coon
  • Muzzle Type: Maine Coon
  • Body Type: Maine Coon
  • Leg Type: Maine Coon
  • Feet Type: Maine Coon
  • Tail Type: Maine Coon
  • Purebred: Trace back to Rememberance and Finale (and must be pure Maine Coon)

Breeding Pairs:

  • Henri Matisse and Georgia O'Keeffe
  • Pablo Picasso and Frieda Kahlo
  • Alexander Calder and Susan Rothenburg
  • Robert Smithson and Jeanne Christo

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Active from 1998-2002. Archive reopened June 2023