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Apricot Jitters

Creator: Vickie
Group: Cat, Shorthair

Breed Standard & Scoring:

  • Coat: Cream toes and one front wrist, hind two-thirds of body, bottom half and tip of tail, cheeks, and half of muzzle. Rest is orange. (full points)
  • Eyes: Golden Brown (full points) / Darker Brown (half points)
  • Eyelids: Orange (full points)
  • Ear Type: Orange Shorthair
  • Muzzle: Orange Shorthair
  • Whiskers: Dark gray
  • Head Type: Orange Shorthair
  • Height: 2.00 to 3.00
  • Body Type: Tabby (full points) / Calico (half points)
  • Tail: Tabby (full points)
  • Leg Type: Orange Shorthair
  • Paw Pads: Gray
  • Paw Type: Orange Shorthair
  • Meow (attitude): Orange Shorthair
  • Origin Breeds: Orange Shorthair/Tabby/Calico
  • Purebred: Trace back to Apricot and Orange

Breeding Pairs:

  • Arthur and Angie
  • Ben and Baby
  • Chris and Charity
  • Dave and Dinah

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Active from 1998-2002. Archive reopened June 2023