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Glory Mountain Shepherd

Creator: Tioppe
Group: Dog, Shorthair (Small)

Breed Standard & Scoring:

  • Coat Specifications: Must have pure "blonde" coats. 3 points for correct coloring. Anything else earns a 0.
  • Eyes: Eyes must be ice blue, which earns a 3. Grey-blue earns a 2. Anything else earns a 0.
  • Paw/Eyelid Color: Eyelids must be tan. This earns a 3, any other color earns a 0. Paw pads must be lck paws. Both earn 3. Any other color earns 0.
  • Height: Height should be between 5 and 4.5. This earns 3 points. 5.1 or 4.4 earn a 2. Anything else earns a 0.
  • Ear Type: Lab ears earn a 3. Any other earns a 0.
  • Muzzle Type: Must have dalmatian muzzel. This earns 3, anything else earns a 0.
  • Body Type: Must have a lab body. Earns 3. Any other earns 0.
  • Leg Type: Slender dalmatian legs. Earns 3. Any other type earns 0. Lab feet (middle toe sticks out) earn a 3, any other earns a 0.
  • Body Build: Stocky, lab-like. Not fat, however. Lab type body earns a 3. Other types earn a 0.
  • Head Build: Dalmatian type head. (The thumbnail should show the dog's head tilted to the right, and not the left.)
  • Purebred: Trace back to Archibald.

Breeding Pairs:

  • Claudio and Hero
  • Oberon and Titania
  • Hamlet and Ophelia
  • Cassio and Bianca

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Active from 1998-2002. Archive reopened June 2023