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Ecliptic Tabby

Creator: Meg
Group: Cat, Shorthair

Breed Standard & Scoring:

  • Coat Specifications: Ecliptic Tabbies must have black fur with brown tabby stripes, a white muzzle and dark black eyelids.
  • Eyes: Eyes have to be beige.
  • Ear Type: B&WShorthair, black with gray in the center.
  • Muzzle Type: Tabby with the white coloring of a B&WShorthair.
  • Body Type: The size, shape, and color of a B&W Shorthair with the exception of brown Tabby stripes.
  • Leg Type: Tabby legs.
  • Body Build: Stocky body build.
  • Head Build: B&W Shorthair head with Tabby cheeks.
  • Disqualifications: A tan, black, or gray muzzle instead of white, any other color besides black for the fur, no tabby stripes, any other color besides gray for the interior of the ear, and white on the tail are all disqualifications.
  • Purebred: Trace back to Echo and Piper

Breeding Pairs:

  • Patience and Darien
  • Luke and Trisha
  • Hebrew and Hope
  • Josh and June

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Active from 1998-2002. Archive reopened June 2023