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Ruby Abyssinian

Creator: Meri
Group: Cat, Shorthair

Breed Standard & Scoring:

  • Coat Color- The most important factor in a Ruby Abyssinian. It must be reddish brown with gold flecks and brown stripes. No other color is permitted
  • Eye Color- The eyes must be black, this earns a three. A fault most common in this breed is light brown eyes, which which earns a two. Any other color is a zero.
  • Pad/Eyelid Color- The pawpads must always be gray, for a three. Any other color is a one. The eyelids must be brown for a three, or black for a two. Any other color is a zero.
  • Ear Color- The inside of the ear must be white, a three. Anything else is a zero.
  • Height- 2.5-3.5, but generally a 3.
  • Leg Type- Siamese legs and feet, a three. Tabby or calico feet are a two, anything else is a zero.
  • Muzzle Color/Meow- Cream only for a three. Also the meow should be Persian for a three.
  • BOdy Type- The body of the Ruby is built uphill. The back is taller than the shoulders. This cat should have a straight underbelly, never overweight. This earns a three.
  • Face Type:- The face of the Ruby is diamond shaped, with the top of the head slightly rounded, and the chin gently pointed. Anything else is a zero.
  • Tail Type- The tail is thick, NEVER thin or knotted. Anything else is a zero. Males generally have thicker tails than females. The tail must never be fluffy.
  • ANCESTORY- The cat must always be able to be traced back to Galileo and Dora.Coat Color: Calico patching of red-brown, white and black, with a bit of tan and orange. 1 pt if missing the tan or orange, 0 pts if missing any other, or having an excess of any.
  • Eyes: Medium Brown.

Breeding Pairs:

  • Jive and Jitterbug
  • Juliet and Jericho
  • Jetson and Jingle
  • Jimminy and Joyride

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Active from 1998-2002. Archive reopened June 2023