Welcome to Petz Deco. The place to come to decorate your Petz games. You will find playscenes, case skinz, and playpen backgrounds here. There are also guides and kits to help you create your own decor.

The site has been reopened since going dark in August 2007. All items are new or modified. If you are looking for the old downloads, you can find them at The Petz Warehouse.

Petz Webring
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  • July 21, 2024: One case skin and one playscene added .
  • May 20, 2024: One wallpaper added (Seashells).
  • December 25, 2023: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! It's been a rough month of illness and injuries, so unfortunately I was unable to get any holiday decor created. I hope to get back to work on some in the near future.
  • November 9, 2023: One case skin added.
  • October 3, 2023: One case skin, one playscene and three playpen wallpapers added.
  • September 11, 2023: One new playscene added
  • September 5, 2023: Added Petz 3/4 skin to Pastel Tiles case
  • September 2, 2023: Two new carry case skins added
  • August 13, 2023: You can now download my case templates on the Resources page.
  • August 12, 2023: After 16 years, the site is now reopened!
  • Site Stats

    Number of Case Skins: 10
    Number of Playscene Kits: 1
    Number of Playscenes: 6
    Number of Playpen Wallpapers: 49