Guide To Creating Custom Carrying Case Skinz

The Supply Case can be customized to your liking by using skinz. Skinz are graphic templates that are used to "paint over" the Carrying Case. This is my step-by-step guide on making skinz.

Use A Template: There is a Default.bmp file that you can use to make your skins. It is located in the /Skinz folder. The template has images for all three case views – normal, maximized, and minimized. There are also images for the arrows, the icons on the case, and even the scroll cursor. I use a custom template that I created from the Default.bmp to make it easier on me. You can find it on the Resources page.

Customize The Template: Use your graphics program of choice "paint" the skin. Normally I just use different patterns and colors to fill in the template using the "fill" tool. All elements of the case, with the exception of the door, can be changed. There are two colors that are transparent and will not show up on the case - black (#000000) and fuchsia (#FF00FF). If you want to use those colors, you will have to slightly change the color so it will show up. Be creative, you can even make the case totally different if you want to change the actual shape of the case.

Save The Template: Once you have made the changes you want, save the case skin. Name it something different or else you'll lose your template. Case skins must be BMP files that are 800x600 pixels in size and 24-bit color.