My Silly Family

Silly Spots and Gem are very special to me. They are a big part of what makes me love Petz. Meet them and their family here!

Silly Spots
Silly Spots (M)
Adopted February 25, 1998
He's my first pet. I adopted him when I got Dogz 2.
Brexed coloration by Carolyn H.

Gem (F)
Adopted March 1, 1998
Her file was accidentally deleted in 1999. She was recovered in 2023 thanks to Reflet.
Brexed coloration originally by Carolyn H; I was able to brex her new file.

Silly Spots & Gem's Wedding Day

Silly Spots & Gem with baby Crystal

Silly Spots Kiddos

Crystal (F)
Born September 15, 1998
Parents: Gem & Silly Spots
Brexed by me.

Pebbles (F)
Born September 19, 1998
Parents: Gem & Silly Spots
First mutated blue eyes!
Brexed by me.

Crystal & Pebbles as puppies

Onyx (M)
Born October 10, 1998
Parents: Gem & Silly Spots
First mutated coat!
Brexed by me.

Jasper (M)
Born July 6, 2023
Parents: Silly Spots & Gem
Brexed by me.

Silly Spots' Grandkiddos

Minx (F)
Born August 13, 2001
Parents: Crystal & Bristol (outcrossing)
Brexed by me.

Sparky (M)
Born June 12, 2001
Parents: Crystal & Jack
Brexed by me.

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